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As we gain a little more confidence in our future,  with fresh ideas and a willingness to get back into some form of fresh routine, some may be considering how they’re going to share their vision and announce they are open for business.

Many have recently experienced the benefits of using video via Zoom and Teams, and now more and more are considering how else they could use video within their business.

We can no longer tell others about our services in the traditional way and the impact of this – can be very serious.

It could mean a potential drop in business and revenue. We could lose our competitive edge or if we choose to do nothing, we could simply get forgotten.


So where do you start?

The truth is, making a video on your phone is easy, but we’re not talking about self- made videos here. Making the ‘right’ professional video to promote a business or service needs a little more thought and without the right guidance can be a little overwhelming.

Without the right steer from the very start of a project, you can waste a lot of time trying to get your video off the ground.

How will you make it, what support will you need, how long is it going to take, who’ll appear in it, will you get it done in time for your deadline, the list goes on… and the big question how much is it going to cost.

Many identify the need for a video but struggle with its planning and often don’t clearly set out their expectations. Usually, because they don’t understand the process. They don’t realise what’s involved.


Why? Because the most important part of video production is what happens before the camera starts rolling.

Pre-production, or the planning phase of a video project, is literally where the video is made—long before you hit the “record” button.

Find a professional that can help you deliver your message successfully. Arrange a Zoom and tell them what you want to achieve, share your expectations and your desired outcome. Ask about added value, results, opportunities and say hello to the new world.

If you’d like to arrange a brief chat, tell me your story. I can offer you an approach and give you a few costs options, please do get in touch.

The script is an essential part of any video production.

Many skip this part of a videos production because it can first appear to be difficult. Don’t take the easy route and just cobble together a few pictures. Sadly, many do and your video can be so much more.

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