A trusted video partner

Probably 70% of my work comes from agencies. I'm often referred to as their video department and know that when they've discussed video with their clients. I can expect a call.

They want to tell me about their client, share their ideas, see how much it would potentially cost and in most cases ask if I handle the whole project on their behalf.

The video is usually part of a larger strategy they've discussed and they know it must be handled professionally.


This partnership has taken time to form

It’s built on trust and my proven ability to look after their client, the project and everything that is involved. Allowing them to free up time for the other elements this and other projects require.

For many agencies, video is not one of their regular services and they’re dependent on either an internal resource or have the task of searching out someone to help them make a video. Although, as you probably know, there's more to making video than just filming. Depending on the type of video, there’s a lot involved and keeping the client involved and informed is essential. Each production and client is unique and requires special attention and this is where I specialise.

Have a look at the short video below and see the detail I bring in support of my agency clients.

I'm ex-agency myself and I understand the importance of good client handling.


Answering the increasing demand for video.

I get it. More and more people are watching videos and the client need for good content has never been higher. Many agencies are in this situation, often finding themselves either struggling to find a professional who can handle everything or are attempting to make video themselves with embarrassing outcomes. (and we've all seen these!)

Relax, I'm trusted with a growing list of agencies and their clients at local, national and international level. People tell me I'm good at what I do and I'd love to show you.



  • I look after your client and their video project on your behalf
  • I provide you with costs and a detailed proposal
  • I provide a clear, personal and professional service
  • I pool together all the necessary crew, skills and talent needed for the project
  • I handle the project in full or in part as you wish.
  • I help provide, storyboarding, copywriting, voiceovers, location scouting, studio hire, models, filming, editing, motion graphics and music.

Remember, we're working together on behalf of your client and like you, I have a proven way of working that ensures the job required is the job that gets done.

If you're interested in knowing more – Get in touch, let's set up a call and see if we’re a good fit.


Get in touch and let’s talk about your business.