How to create a meaningful video script

The script is an essential part of any video production.

Many skip this part of a videos production because it can first appear to be difficult. Don’t take the easy route and just cobble together a few pictures. Sadly, many do and your video can be so much more.

In brief, keep it short. Plan for and try to present your message as short as possible. An online audience has a very short attention span and they’ll need to engage and understand your message quickly. Ideally within the first 5 seconds.

Here are a few simple steps to help you get started: (based on a 60-second long video)

Step 1. Write down 3 prompting questions with 3 detailed answers. These answers need to be no more than 20 seconds long. Time yourself answering these questions. This will give you a duration of 60 seconds. Try to cover your key messages, objectives and what you want the viewer to do next after they’ve watched your video.

Stage 2. Test your script and if needed split your answers into smaller, memorable sentences. Get someone to ask you the questions and practice. Time yourself and adjust your delivery to keep within the 60 seconds slot.

This method helps you plan in advance of what you’d like to say in front of the camera and keeps you focused on your key messages. In turn, it reduces stress prior to and during the shoot, helping the videos overall production on the day and the editing process. This equally saves the video production company time and you money.

Try to achieve a relaxed and natural delivery. Keep the video professional and remember your video is a reflection of your business. If you can get across your message in less than 60 seconds, even better!

Here are some tips for creating a meaningful marketing video script.

  • First of all, begin with “What’s in it for my customers?”

Write down all the benefits and advantages of your product that can solve your customers’ pressing problems. What does your product do? Is it going to “reduce pain” Is it going to “increase pleasure”?

Create a list of all the things that your product can do for your customers.

  • Create a hook using the major benefit that your product offers

If your product offers a time-saving advantage or a more efficient way of getting work done, use that as your opening hook.

The best way to figure out your product’s major benefit is to ask yourself how you could describe it in three words or less. Make your intro interesting. Don’t just baldly state what your product is all about.

  • Show them the way

Now that you’ve prompted a little interest with your opening line using your product’s major benefit, proceed in your video to a simple step-by-step presentation of how your product can help people solve their problems or increase their pleasure.

  • Finish with a strong call to action

Get your audience to act. Simplify your contact information. Create a clear path of how you’d like your customers to contact you. Phone number and email address. Keep it personal. Ask them to get in contact with you.

There’s really no secret formula for writing a video marketing script that truly works. Just use the simple rules for motivating people to act, and keep it simple. For best results, keep your marketing videos short and avoid bombarding your audience with too much information that is not essential.

NB: A 60 sec script contains approx. 180 words, averaging 3 words per second.


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