How a business can really benefit from using video in these strange times

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People are using video like never before. Make it work for your business.

Businesses often have a moderate marketing budget, especially in this climate we all find ourselves in, which is understandable. The key to maximising this budget is spending it on tools that will gain you the most exposure.

Online video production has become THE way to increase your visibility with potential customers.

To ensure you are creating a video that will work for your business, talk to a video production company that specialises in this area. They will understand what it takes to engage customers and work to a tight budget whilst still producing a professional and well-edited video.

They should also understand how best to optimise a video for online use. You want to get this right so that you can maximise its viewing potential.


The beauty of video is in its sharing possibilities. There are many social media platforms for video sharing, sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram as well as YouTube. Not only does this increase the video’s reach in terms of the potential audience, but it also increases the link value of the video which means search engines will view it more favourably.

If you do attend trade shows and exhibitions (thinking ahead here for 2021), video is a useful tool and can represent your product, cause or company when engaging lots of people face to face can be difficult. Emailing a video is also a plausible marketing tool and a link can be added to your email signature.

When the Internet is full of reams and reams of text based content, a video is what is going to make you stand out from the crowd. Having a video on your homepage or the right landing page is also going to grab people’s attention.


What can take you half an hour to explain in person can be edited into a short promotional video. There’s a lot to be said about the power of combined visuals, text and audio. Do you love your services? Do you want to tell the world? Film them. Want to describe about your product range? Film them. The camera doesn’t lie which is what you want when it comes to authentic products and services.

Think of the opportunities – The beauty of video is in the ease of sharing. Video can be downloaded, emailed and shared across the Internet, taking your brand recognition further than ever before.

Search Engine Savvy – The internet favours video right now. The right video means better search engine ranking and a higher click-through rate.

Global Reach – Can’t make every single trade show and conference this year? (tell me about it!) Use a promotional, corporate or explainer video to present your business and get in front of your audience.

The proactive thinkers are in preparation to enter back into the world and many are eager to promote their business and services and are most likely looking for a proven video production company to help.


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